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Android UFST V1.0.5.1 Pre-Release For ALL Users (Updated 2016 July 26)

Added Support of .bat and .cmd Script Files.
Supported Fastboot commands: erase, flash, getvar, oem, reboot-bootloader. ufst
[Use FastBoot] CheckBox to Select Flash-Download Mode.
Not Use any External Command Interpreter, so will be
Processed only: ‘echo’, ‘fastboot’, ‘mfastboot’, ‘rem’ Scripting Commands.
‘adb reboot bootloader’ will be ignored, Enter FastBoot Download mode
Using [Enter Flash] or Keys Combination.
More Lenovo Models Added:
A7-30DC, A7-30F, A7-30GC, A7-30H, A7-30HC, A10-80HC,
A269, A269i, A308T, A316, A316i, A318T, A320T, A369i, A399, A516, A526,
A529, A536, A606, A616, A708T, A766, A680, A830, A850, A850+, A859, A880,
A889, A916, A936, A3000, A3000-F, A3000-H, A3300-GV, A3300-H, A3300-HV,
A3300-T, A3500-F, A3500-FL, A3500-H, A3500-HV, A3600-D, A3800-D, A5000,
A5500-F, A5500-H, A5500-HV, A5800-D, A7000, A7000+, A7600, A7600-M, A7600-F,
A7600-H, B6000-F, B6000-H, B6000-HV, B8000-F, B8000-H, B8000-HV,
P70-T, P380, P780, S650, S660, S668T, S750, S820, S850, S858T, S860, S898T+,
S920, S930, S938T, S939, S960, S5000-F, S5000-H, S6000-F, S6000-H
More LG Models Added:
AS323, AS375, AS876,
H522F, H522G, H410YK, H635A, H635AR, H635C, H735AR, H735TR, H960AY, H961AN,
K130F, K130Y, K420DS, K425, K430, K430AR, K430DS, K430DSA, K430DSF, K430DSY,
K430H, K430N, K430T, K430TV, K430Y, K520DY, K520TR,
LS660, LS665, LS675, MS428, V480, VS425, VS810PP, VS876
More Micromax Models Added:
A37, A37B, A46, A290, D340, F666, P480, P580, P660
More Motorola Models Added:
XT1564, XT1570
XT1620, XT1621, XT1622, XT1625, XT1626 (Moto G4 Athene)
XT1640, XT1641, XT1642, XT1643, XT1644 (Moto G4 Plus Athene)
XT1650 (Moto Z Griffin)
Changed Strategy of READ and WRITE Defaults (Just Check on Setup Window).
Improved Read Algorithm, especially for -5 Error:
Be Sure Battery is Fully Charged, Less than 30% Causes USB Connection Down,
Because Win10 Drivers not supports Charge in VCOM mode.
SYSTEM (ANDROID) Partitions Excluded from Sparsing Group:
Have no Sence because real Benefit is too Small.
More Samsung Models Added:
A910F, C7000, G870F0, G930U, G935U, J210F, J3110, J3119, J700P, J700T,
SC-02H, T377P, T719C
Android UFST V1.0.5.1 Pre-Release For ALL Users (Updated 2016 July 26)Link for Software-
Android UFST User Manual-
How To Install-
Unzip Android UFST V1.0.5.1 inside
C:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs
C:\Program Files (x86)\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs

Android UFST Update History-
for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.

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