NCK Dongle Android MTK Module v2.5.6.9 Update Released – [09/07/2016]

EMMC Added extended read phone info in boot mode.
Will be displayed IMEI, Phone Version, Android Version, Phone Name e.t.c.4-9-2013 3-52-16 PM

– Rewritten Save Security Backup and Firmware.
[EMMC] Now will be saved in directory what include CPU Version, Flash IC type, Phone Name, IMEI.
in file_info.txt will be saved also detailed info about phone, like Preloader details , IMEI, CID for HTC phones and Android details.

– If FRP exists will be saved also FRP Partition Path [for users who like to root phone ].

– Added Support for MT6795 CPU – Read Info/Unlock/Read Codes/Format/Flashing (BETA)
– Added support for Repair IMEI MT6795 in SPMETAMode – WORLD’S FIRST
– Repair IMEI is permanent, no root, no complicate way.

– Fixed bug with changing to high speed port on some models with low speed.

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