NCK Dongle Qualcomm Module v0.2 Update Released

Supported CPUs

  • – 8610
  • – 8612
  • – 8936
  • – 8937
  • – 8939
  • – 8940
  • – 8953
  • – 8936
  • – 8937
  • – 8976
  • – 8916
  • – 8909
  • – 8×26
  • – 8×10
  • – 8974
  • – 8996
  • – 8952
  • – 8992
  • – 8994
  • – 8996
  1. Added Factory Reset.
  2. Added Erase Firmware.
  3. Added Erase Modemst.
  4. Added Reading Huawei Bootloader Code for supported phones [Beta].
    Tested on Ascend Y530, Ascend G630, Must wortk on all Qualcomm Huawei Phones what can be booted from EDL Mode.
  5. Added Unlock Bootloader with code in UTILS TAB [Huawei Phones].
  6. Added Reading Alcatel aditional info like PID, IMEI, Secro Version until read info.
  7. Fixed Alcatel PID writing, on some phones missing “TRAC” identifier, or info was erased.
    So exe will use fixed offet to write for this phones.
  8. Added posibility to Choose saving location for firmwares and backup [Setting TAB]
  9. Added more Loaders and MSM ID definitions in exe.
  10. Fixed Read Firmware Problem.

Official Support Website:

NCK Dongle

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Success Stories:

Alcatel OT-5054D POP3/Pixi3 5.5 Read Pattern with NCK Qualcomm Module – World’s First
Alcatel POP3/PIXI3 5.5 Flashing with NCK Qualcomm Module
OPPO Qualcomm N3/N5026/N5027/N5029 IMEI Change/Repair with Qcomm Module
OPPO N3/N5026/N5027/N5029 Qualcomm Reset Pattern & Finger Print
Lenovo A6000 Pattern Read With NCK QCOMM Module [TEAM REPORT] ★★★★★
Zte a910 unlock done using a430 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel 5045a read flash and unlock done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Doro 618 Network Codes Read Done! [USER REPORT] ★★★★★…-done-2177924/…-done-2177863/…-done-2171174/
Alcatel ot2045x unlock done (easy way) [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
lenovo A2010a unlock Done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Thank you NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Vodafone VFD500 Unlocking Done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
samsung gt-i8190 chinese phone mt6575 nand imei repair done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
NCK Dongle Successfully Unlocked Alcatel 1010X. [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Infinix NOTE 2 LTE FRP Reset…-done-2148665/
Qmobile X7 user Security Lock Reset Done So Easy By Nck Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
BLU A030u FRP reset [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Qmobile X7 user Security Lock Reset Done So Easy By Nck Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Telenor v97 unlock done! [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel A 851L Tracfone unlock done using model 6016A [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Most Wanted Motorola XT1254 FRP Done Via NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
m4 ss4045 unlock done using m4 ss1090 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Blu Zoey II T266 unlock done using model blu t166 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
SKY 4.0 Firmware flash + Format userdata [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
blu life xl read flash done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
s6 SM-G920A unlock ok [USER REPORT] ★★★★★…ccess-2093730/
Blu Zoey II T266 unlock done using model T166 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Blu Zoey II T266 unlock done using model T166 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★…765-a-2074972/…ongle-2073824/
zte blade l3 lite unlock using l3 [USER REPORT] ★★★★★…-t166-2065250/
zte s519 unlock done [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Post here Successfully Unlocked/Calculated/Flashed/Repaired Phones via NCK Dongle
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge FRP UNLOCK DONE [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Sony Ericsson XT810A Flash Firmware with NCK Dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Alcatel 6014× unlocked in second with no root required [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
huawei y550-L01 unlock nck dongle [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Ot5042t unlock ok [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Vodafone 888 unlocked ok by NCK dongle tested [USER REPORT] ★★★★★
Model: HUAWEI Y536A1 Unlock Done By NCK DONGLE [USER REPORT] ★★★★★

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